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Joining the film industry is a little bit like running away with the circus. It's risky, exhilirating, enormously creative, and sometimes you get to positively impact peoples' lives and effect a tiny bit of change. Anyone who has had a taste also knows you need to be agile, resilient and constantly looking for opportunities in order to succeed or indeed remain even keeled. I took this path when I was young and full of adventure and 23 years later I couldn't imagine another career. My BA in English Literature and Art History has been invaluable on this journey and my subsequent Post Graduate work has informed my work in terms of cross cultural meanings and social theory. I love stories and getting lost in my work and the power of video to communicate still really excites me. 

Video Production

Video Production is a massive concept and can mean anything from videography to multi camera shoots. Here are some pricing examples to get your story out there:

Video Production - Video Production is a massive concept and can mean anything from videography to multi camera shoots. Here are some pricing examples to get your story out there:

Brand Story

2-3 minute documentary about your business and your values or it could be about your new product and why it is so amazing - (includes 1 minute cutdown for Instagram)

Priced from $2500+gst.

Music Montage

A one minute music video. It could be process driven or a feel reel communicating your core values or an event overview, perfect for social media. 

Priced from $950+gst.

Elevator Pitch

So much of business is personality based, let your customers know why they should call you by having your pitch out there 24/7.  Substantial discounts can be achieved when creating these in batches.

Basic 1-2 minute profiles start at $650+gst.

Brand Story Series

2-3 minute interview based documentary about your business and your values as well as 3 separate 1-2 minute videos focusing on key aspects of your business.  

Priced from $3400+gst.

Event Documentary

Are you planning a big do and want to capture it for posterity?  I can tell the story of the day.  

Priced from $2200+gst.

Film Editing

Editing is still the hardest part, you can run around and have a great time with a camera but the proof is always in the edit suite.  With 23 years editing experience in Wellington, London and Auckland I can say I have pretty much done it all.  

We have the latest Avid suite in Meadowbank and we charge $70 per hour, or a daily rate of $600. 


Directing is fun!  Because I can edit I know what we need to make a story work.  Daily rate: $500

Our Process

Talking is a great place to start.  Let's meet and talk about what it is you want to say and who you want to reach.  Once we have established the message, the audience and the platform then we can tell your story together.

Video Production
Video Production





Multi Camera
Multi Camera


Cathy Pope, Cathy Pope Jewellery

"I was thrilled with the video Miriama made for my website. She captured the essence of who I am and Cathy Pope Jewellery perfectly through her beautiful videography, astute questions and great editing. Altogether she told my story better than I ever imagined."  

Lisa Travis, The Beauty Clinic

"Miriama has made a couple of videos for us at The Beauty Clinic and they are incredible. Beautifully filmed and edited, they are extremely professional and have increased our presence on all of our Social Media and webpage. Plus Miriama is a total delight to work with. We look forward to continue working with her and are more than happy to recommend her work."

Carolyn Sylvester, Sylvester Television

"Miriama has edited many projects for me over the past 8 years - ranging from fast paced youth TV, to engaging case study videos for Corporates, and moving accounts of personal heartbreak. 

The foremost thing she brings to every project is her empathy and consideration of her subject matter. 

Miriama edits with her heart.  It's always a joy to deliver a paper edit and then see her take it to the next level, with her pacing and empathetic edit choices. 

Backed up by Nick’s proficient and careful grading and on line skills, Sureshot Films is definitely one of my “go-to” post production houses." 

Kirsten Sach, Kirsten Sach Landscapes

"Miriama put two videos together for me a few years ago. One of the videos was a personal profile and the second a profile of my work. This has proved invaluable on my website and social media & for prospective clients wanting to learn a bit about me and how I work.

The videos are short & to the point, attractive to look at & informative. I regularly have people commenting on the videos and it was the best money ever spent a sit has attracted more work for my business. She is very talented and so easy to deal with through the whole process…..  I would recommend Miriama in a heart beat!

Looking forward to a new updated profile in the very near future"

Give me a call on 021 024 60104 or email miri@miriamatoms.co.nz

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